I went on another House Build in Mexico with Baja Bound to build a house for a deserving family.

I volunteer at SkilledUp Life as the Social Media Manager. The goal is to assist Tech Startups in giving experience to jobseekers.

I assisted two friends in unlocking their LinkedIn messages and receiving notifications. It was a frustrating experience for them, so I was happy to help them.

I provided 4 free hours of purpose coaching to other coaches.

I volunteered at an animal sanctuary gala, serving food to all the guests.

We have challenged schools to give back yearly with Annual projects helping others. Some projects included feeding over 10,000 veteran families, creating gardens to feed communities, and motivational speaking in schools to challenge them to do more!

We have even included our newest member of the family MJ to find ways for her to assist with helping others. MJ is 6 months old & helping fill bags of food to give to others in need! Never to small to start!

As a family, we have completed leading over 500 community service projects giving back to others in need!

I’m always the one guy that people can rely on. I have people’s back as well as loving and supporting them 100%.

I give people my undivided attention.