I donate monthly to Pencils of Promise which is an organization that provides quality education to children across the world.

I donated to the Chicago Ducky Derby which benefits the Special Olympics.

I’m subscribed to Alltrue which is a subscription box that provides socially-conscious products and supports various charities and artisans.

I tipped a pregnant waitress 50% of our total bill.

In 2021, I decided to start a small scholarship with my old dance instructor to help teens in similar financial situations that I was growing up. This will allow them to have the same safe place and home that I did.

I support street musicians by giving them money.

I sponsor children in poverty.

I donate monthly to Kiva to help support various microfinance projects around the globe.

I raised over half a grand for an animal sanctuary by creating a fundraiser.

I offer free online guided meditations to help people anywhere heal and relax.