I donated my old clothes to the people who were being devastated by the calamity in the Philippines.

I donated $15 to a friend who needed it for his medication.

I gave food to the homeless.

I purchased products from a wishlist to aid homeless individuals in Los Angeles.

I left a 50% tip at a restaurant because the waiter was absolutely amazing.

I donated household items to the San Diego Rescue Mission thrift store.

I have a podcast on self-improvement helping people to spread awareness of various perspectives.

I donated $50 to a friends’ Venmo challenge where he asked his followers to donate whatever amount they chose. He gifts all of those donations to a server in the hospitality industry because they’ve been heavily impacted during the pandemic and deserve it!

I got a coffee at a drive thru and paid for the person behind me.

I created free medical application coaching videos for prospective applicants to use on their application journeys.