In environments I frequent in, I always write people’s name down in my phone after I meet them. This way, the next time I see them I call them by name. This helps them feel seen and heard and we’re able to connect faster.

I listened to a friend who was going through a tough depression episode. I’ve been working on allowing others to be in pain without affecting me, so I can be there for them in that pain.

I donate $11.44 every month to Thrive in Joy to help students learn about themselves and gain greater self-awareness

I donated $10 to Lonely Whale through Phin for Good to help businesses create environmentally sustainable business models.

I donated $10 to Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue though Phin for Good!

I donated $10 to Lonely Whale with Phin for Good during a For Purpose chat!

I donated $10 to Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue through Phin For Good!

I donated $10 to end homelessness because I want everyone to be happy.

I donated to every charity my friends posted on Facebook.

I partnered with a yoga instructor to offer a free guided meditation at the end of his class.