I give my co-workers great compliments to brighten their day and inspire them.

I worked in an ICU during the COVID pandemic.

I donate proceeds from my small business to Black Lives Matter organizations and other organizations.

I work with companies that have a give pack promise as well and promote companies that are being a force for good.

Our nonprofit has created a peer to peer model that then allows a faster growth reach for greater impact.

I run a 501.c3 non profit that educates and empowers students to use digital for good.

We have trained over 450,000 students to be digital-first responders.

We represent many documentary filmmakers that can use their voices to help incite change.

I work for a solar company dedicated to making renewable energy more accessible in hopes of setting future generations up for better success.

I met several people in person this month to create a relationship and move the needle forward in working together- our skills create more impact together.