I always take the time to send mindful voice notes to others on their birthday. People always say it made their day.

I invited others to join my family and I on the beach when they asked about a game we were playing. It was an awesome experience connecting with strangers so quickly and creating a memorable experience!

I am committed to my daily morning routine, which empowers me to show up as my best self because the world deserves it.

I picked up & organized on the sidewalk 4 Lime scooters that were in the street.

I put aside all my #3-#9 plastics to specifically recycle later since the recycling trash only picks up #1 & #2.

I bought a meal and coffee for a man who asked for change on the street.

I began composting all my vegetables and fruits.

I chose to hire someone who is experiencing mental challenges as part of an accident to support his transition.

I tried my best to help the people I love.

I’m starting to do everything I can to be more environmentally conscious.