Sarah Whipple
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Sarah Whipple

Nurse Practitioner
Sarasota, FL
Why I live For Purpose:
I want to use my time making the earth a little better for having been lucky enough to live on it.

We raise money for cancer awareness and research through several annual events.

My company gives money to patients to use for hospital bills if they cannot afford them.

I pick up trash in public places whenever I can.

I recycle whatever I can on a daily basis.

I use reusable K-cups for my coffee.

I gave $50 to a woman struggling to pay her hospital bills.

I donate food to local food banks.

I have raised money for breast cancer awareness in the past.

I have planted a butterfly garden for the oncology office, which I maintain in my free time.

I volunteer at a local cat shelter where I help to socialize the cats and foster kittens.