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Ruben Ruiz

Owner- RR Apparel
Phoenix, AZ
Why I live For Purpose:
I live to give back and empower those who may not have the resources to change the world, one kind deed at a time!

I purchased an RR original Bracelet and fed 2 children for a week!

All of our packaging at RR Apparel is made from recyclable materials!

We have provided 20 people housing and food for over 6 months now.

I support local businesses ONLY in and out of town!!

I work 8 hour days from home to empower children in other countries to change the world!

We’ve been able to donate over $100/monthly to Cloud Covered Streets (a 501c3) since February!

We just raised $100 of $600 for our RRTeachesGambia campaign!

We’ve been able to raise over $1k since December for our RRFeedsGambia campaign! ?

I am lead hosting for our kids Summerfest program at Impact church!

We just partnered with a brand ambassador, Maddie Andonie, to spread awareness of our mission!!