Regien Medrano
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Regien Medrano

Manila, PH
Why I live For Purpose:
I want to become an inspiration on someone else's story and be inspired at the same time. I wanna be more confident on making progress little by little.

I give my co-workers great compliments to brighten their day and inspire them.

I use recyclable containers with unique purpose.

I’m living a healthy lifestyle because I prefer to eat vegetables and fruits instead of pricy junk foods. I hope to inspire my homies to do the same thing.

I prefer to walk from home to work to save money and help lower the pollution in my city.

I donated my old clothes to the people who were being devastated by the calamity in the Philippines.

I donated $15 to a friend who needed it for his medication.

I gave food to the homeless.

I volunteer to segregate the biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials for the sake of the garbage collector to save their time and energy.

I wrote messages and appreciation notes to my friends and co-workers to let them know they are appreciated and valued.

I feed the stray dogs and cats whenever I see them.