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Paloma Samano

Creator of Rooted Harmony, Student Services Representative
San Diego, CA
Why I live For Purpose:
I am passionate about co-creating experiences that help us rise in love with our authentic selves so that we may serve from a place of overflowing joy & make the most loving contribution to the earth.

I work for a school that provides alternative learning programs for students

I use a reusable water bottle and a cloth napkin

I am a conscious consumer because I try my best to buy from local farmers and businesses.

I donated washable menstrual pads for the young girls at a group home.

I donated to a volunteer club for the community projects.

I provided chat box support for my friend on her first virtual workshop.

I picked up 2 buckets of trash from my neighborhood.

I assisted a full day on an Ecovillage Regenerative Training in Mexico.