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Nicholas Hutchison

Boston, MA
Why I live For Purpose:
I am a student of the world who loves to build on the truths of those that came before me. I am motivated by helping other people make progress in their lives!

I do make a conscious effort to recycle and purchase responsibly. As an example, I have stopped buying water bottles and I use a large refillable container daily.

I love making “fast friends”. This life choice means that I will always go out of my way to highlight acts of kindness or generosity that are performed by strangers in day-to-day life.

I have been donating money to my Church and the communities that they support on a weekly basis for the last 5+ years.

I have spent a lot of time volunteering for my Church including teaching confirmation classes and packaging meals for a local homeless shelter.

Each week, I release an interview with one of the world’s top authors so that our community can discover new books, new mentors and new resources that they can use to achieve more and live better.

Each evening, I spend time answering our communities questions and providing personalized book recommendations to dozens of people.