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Maret Marcin

Social Impact Business Development at SRM Real Estate Group
Los Angeles, CA
Why I live For Purpose:
I want to help people and businesses understand the best way to make an impact and develop sustainable models for long-term change.

I rarely eat dairy, and I buy sustainable pasture-raised eggs – in bulk so the price is a little more manageable

I learned to sew, dye, and cut clothing so I can fix holes, cover stains, or repurpose it!

I do my best to buy my clothing and furniture from thrift stores, friends, second-hand platforms

Picked up a piece of trash on my morning hike

Participated in Dance Marathon at UCLA, a 26-hour event to raise money for Pediatric HIV/AIDS.

Worked for a breast cancer research charity for two years running events to raise over $200,000 annually for life-saving research