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Maret Marcin

Social Impact Business Development at SRM Real Estate Group
Los Angeles, CA
Why I live For Purpose:
I want to help people and businesses understand the best way to make an impact and develop sustainable models for long-term change.

I listened to a friend who was going through a tough depression episode. I’ve been working on allowing others to be in pain without affecting me, so I can be there for them in that pain.

I donate $11.44 every month to Thrive in Joy to help students learn about themselves and gain greater self-awareness

I donated $10 to Lonely Whale through Phin for Good to help businesses create environmentally sustainable business models.

I donate $11.44 monthly to Thrive in Joy which brings character workshops to under-resourced students in Los Angeles

I donated $10 to Saha Global through Phin for Good!

I bought underwear from a company that turns water bottles into super soft, sustainable clothing.

I am working on responding to negative comments with love and understanding instead of with defensive responses.

I was an accountability buddy to a friend, calling them once in the morning and once at night for a week so they could talk through where their blocks were and get on a more productive schedule.

I helped create For Purpose to give a platform for people to share the amazing ways they make an impact!

I work with a real estate firm helping them grow a sustainable giving model that not only donates to local nonprofits but works with them in more meaningful ways to create an even bigger impact