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Leslie Graciano

Environmental Projects Specialist
Southern California
Why I live For Purpose:
In the future, it’ll be harder to look back and say I made no effort to make a difference, than to know I at least tried.

I use a reusable water bottle.

I work for the city of San Bernardino in implementing the ordinance of recycling plastics and organics. 

I work with the city and outside source to bring education and outreach to the community so they know about the resource they have available to them. 

I work month community dump days to provide accessibility for resident to dump their household junk appropriately and not out in the city.

I volunteered for the 2021 CrossFit open as a judge.

I volunteered on Saturdays to teach middle school kids of minority background science topics that would get them excited to learn.

I help with the progress of my fitness community by helping educating them gymnastics and strength movements.

I worked with a local event to provided oil recycling containers free to the community residents.

I don’t print paper unless I need to in order to save the trees.

I shower at the gym so I don’t have to drive longer and expel more carbon emissions.