Laura Athmejvar
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Laura Athmejvar

Zumba instructor; Plant-Based Nutrition and Fitness Enthusiast; Certified Internal Auditor
Lawrenceville, NJ
Why I live For Purpose:
I envision a future where physical and mental health resources are a prioritized, destigmatized, and universal human right.

I got my parents to stop buying water bottles and use a reusable water filter.

I spent the day at an animal sanctuary helping clean up the barn for the cows, goats, and birds. 💙

I keep bottles of hand sanitizer on me to give to the homeless during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I went live on IG every day this month with a free mindfulness meditation.

I recorded video testimonials to support my friends’ small business ventures.

I volunteered to muck hay and manure at an animal sanctuary.

I motivate hundreds of people to move their bodies and pursue a healthier diet.

I have ensured thousands of students were able to complete college admissions tests and report their scores to universities.

I compost my food scraps to reduce waste.

I drive a Prius hybrid which reduces my use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions.