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Laura Athmejvar

Vegan Dharma Coach; Certified Personal Trainer
Trenton, NJ
Why I live For Purpose:
I envision a future where physical and mental health resources are a prioritized, destigmatized, and universal human right.

I donated $10 to Lonely Whale with Phin for Good during a For Purpose chat!

I put aside all my #3-#9 plastics to specifically recycle later since the recycling trash only picks up #1 & #2.

I offer a free hour of purpose coaching to any 1st-time takers.

I bought a meal and coffee for a man who asked for change on the street.

I provided 4 free hours of purpose coaching to other coaches.

I volunteered at an animal sanctuary gala, serving food to all the guests.

I partnered with a yoga instructor to offer a free guided meditation at the end of his class.

I raised over half a grand for an animal sanctuary by creating a fundraiser.

I offer free online guided meditations to help people anywhere heal and relax.

I participate in a farm share program to reduce waste and support local business.