Laura Athmejvar

Laura Athmejvar

Zumba instructor; Plant-Based Nutrition and Fitness Enthusiast; Certified Internal Auditor
Lawrenceville, NJ
Why I live For Purpose:
I envision a future where physical and mental health resources are a prioritized, destigmatized, and universal human right.

I motivate hundreds of people to move their bodies and pursue a healthier diet.

I have ensured thousands of students were able to complete college admissions tests and report their scores to universities.

I compost my food scraps to reduce waste.

I drive a Prius hybrid which reduces my use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions.

I decided to become vegan in September 2017 to save animals, lower my environmental impact, and improve my health.

I’ve used AmazonSmile for years to benefit EASEL the local animal rescue.

Through Save The Children, I donate $30 a month for my “adopted” child in El Salvador.

I donated $100 to an acquaintance’s Kickstarter campaign to help them launch a podcast.

I raised over $1500 for charity via Facebook fundraisers.

I have Marie Kondo’ed my apartment 3 times now and donated everything to Salvation Army.