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Kira Day

Founder and CEO of The Passion Centre
Toronto, Canada
Why I live For Purpose:
It gives life meaning. Sharing our gifts with the world raises the vibration of the world and I’m 100% about that. Service allows us the opportunity to be a part of the solution - not the problem, and that gives us purpose. It’s also worth 7 years of extended life - so our biologies like it too!

I’ve implemented a business model that focuses on 3 areas that drive social impact.

1. Passion Health Research: researching the passion health gap in society and the economic and health implications of it.

2. Passion Activator model: in the Entrepreneurship world there are incubators and accelerators that support the growth of business ideas. My model supports the human first, then we work on building ideas that match a persons passion with a social or world problem that needs to be solved. From there ideas are generated to create viable businesses that support the world from a healed and whole place of the founders passion.

3. Social System Audits: We take the learnings in our Passion Health research and guide education systems and corporate systems to look at what is creating passion gaps culturally and consult on ways to correct.

I do not eat at or support fast foods. I am very particular about brands at highly commercialized grocery stores.

Although I am not vegan or vegetarian, I ensure the farms and the places we eat from have responsible practices in place. I tend to favour local farms and support food stores that are both local and conscious.

I have 3 charities that I work with annually and give back to in the form of money.

I have participated with a charity organization called Million Dollar Smiles where we surprise families with terminally ill children with backyard playgrounds that we source and build in a weekend.

I have participated in a charity organization known as Basket Brigade where we donate food and make food baskets for the homeless and those in lower income communities and we deliver the packages to families homes.

I take on pro bono clients when I know there is a desire but are challenged financially. There is a vetting process for this. But I believe in access for all, and finances should not be an obstacle for growth and opportunity.

I volunteer for animal rescue organizations, zoos and primate sanctuaries.

I use my business strategy skills to help non for profit causes I care about to maximize their returns and grow.