Kim Karr
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Kim Karr

Executive Director + Co-Founder #ICANHELP
Antioch, CA
Why I live For Purpose:
I believe that students need to be part of the solution and they are not just our future but we need their help right now.

Our nonprofit has created a peer to peer model that then allows a faster growth reach for greater impact.

I run a 501.c3 non profit that educates and empowers students to use digital for good.

We have trained over 450,000 students to be digital-first responders.

I recycle water bottles, cans and bottles.

I’ve helped people with their bios.

I have at least one vegan meal each week.

I work from home and car pool when I can.

I have donated money to a Go Fund Me account.

I have given all my gift cards to families who have lost everything in house fires.

I have donated clothes to goodwill.