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Kevin Christensen

Founder of Aligned Financial; Non-Profit Board Member
San Diego, CA
Why I live For Purpose:
I strive to make a difference in my community by volunteering and supporting good causes in order to carry out my personal mission of helping others.

I used a waterless urinal at the Zoo. ??

I bought a tomato plant in a biodegradable pot.

I got a key made from the MinuteKey kiosk and selected the ‘plant a tree’ option. Their goal is to plant 100,000 trees.

I joined a national organization called Advisors in Philanthropy.

We purchased Just Water bottles for client meetings, which are made from plants and paper instead of plastic.

I donated household items to the San Diego Rescue Mission thrift store.

I bought products from a B Corp.

I donated $1600 of stock to a non-profit.

I spent 2 hours volunteering for a local charity.

I implemented more digital processes to cut down on paper at my work.