Kelly O'Hara
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Kelly O'Hara

Sustainable CFO, Mahalo Bar, Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor
San Diego, CA
Why I live For Purpose:
I want to uplift the consciousness of business to a more awakened state of operations to be a force for good through people, planet, and profit.

I work with companies that have a give pack promise as well and promote companies that are being a force for good.

I don’t buy paper towels, ziplocks, or fancy “zero waste” items and use what I have.

I buy items from companies that have a give back promise or are B Certified.

I buy from the farmers market a few times a month.

I donate 1% of my business’s revenue to the international organization, 1% for the planet, each quarter.

I give $150 per month to Feeding San Diego.

I gave $300 to a single mom needing help with rent.

I give food and my time for conversation to local homeless in my neighborhood.

I hosted 1 hour workshop for women on how to wrap up their annual business finances for tax prep.

I volunteer 2 hours a month of free consulting services to women entrepreneurs needing help with accounting and CFO related things.