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Kavi Jarrott

Freelance Art Director / Film Production
Sydney, Australia
Why I live For Purpose:
I grew up believing in Karma and that we are here to be of service to the world. I've always been inspired by people who genuinely want to help make the world a better place without want for recognition.

I’m working on a film that highlights stories of refugees who have come to Australia seeking asylum. Their stories give me hope and I hope they inspire others as well.

I seek out purpose driven work as much as possible. Some of my friends run charities and social enterprises, I support them by working for them.

I try to work with companies that are in line with my values. I feel better when my work is benefitting others or the planet.

I try to watch our house electricity and water consumption. I choose shorter wash cycles, try not to use the dryer, and turn the power points off.

I grew up vegetarian and sometimes vegan. I try only buy organic dairy that comes from farms where they don’t mistreat the cows.

I don’t use single use plastics (whenever possible).

I recently donated money to friends who provided food to people in Bali and India. A lot of families haven’t been able to afford food since the pandemic and loss of tourism.

I used to give $40 monthly donations to Oxfam for many years.

I often donate clothes to charities and womens shelters, sometimes directly to the families in need.

I take my friends dogs out for walks when I have time off in the week.