Kari Pedersen
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Kari Pedersen

Real Estate Agent
Brookfield/Milwaukee, WI
Why I live For Purpose:
I am passionate about assisting people through life transitions and being able to help them make empowered decisions for their future.

I am fortunate to make more than enough money than I need, and I am passionate about using that money to help other people.

My company provides countless donations to various organizations.

I always wash out my recyclables to recycle them properly.

I opt for paper and re-usable items when possible, instead of plastic.

I donate $50 a month to Pathfinders. They run a Drop-In Center to provide shelter and support for young adolescents.

I rarely return items that don’t work for me. I donate them to the House of Peace instead, where they allow people in need to have them for free.

I always give homeless people $20 if I have it on me.

I donated my stimulus cheque to buy toys, games, and activities for foster children.

I have been a Big Sister for 11 years.

I actively collect donations from people, to bring to my favorite donation center House of Peace.