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Kannan Devan

Software Technology
Madurai, India
Why I live For Purpose:
I got everything from this beautiful world and I want to give back to earth.

I help others by not wasting their time and contributing to their life.

I donated $10 to end homelessness because I want everyone to be happy.

I donated $10 for the Food bank of Southern California through Phin For Good!

I donated $10 to Gimme Shelter and that is amazing. I’m really blessed and happy to have this opportunity because “a small drop of water can create an ocean.”

I work for a company that transforms the local business.

I avoid using of plastics entirely.

I changed my mode of transportation to cycling in order prevent pollution.

I have spent $50 to provide food for people in need.

I used to collect food that was being wasted at the Hotels and provide it for the needy.

I am Rotaractor and take part in volunteer activities during the weekends.