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John Piasta

Strategy Manager at Accenture
New York, NY
Why I live For Purpose:
There are too many people that have invested in my life, my knowledge and my opportunities to not share with others. I believe in living a life bigger than any one individual and in service of others.

I engage others to live a for purpose lifestyle.

I bring Fortune 500 resources to grassroots non-profits.

Co-led a campaign for Peace Players, helping provide financial support for youth in underserved areas to receive leadership programming during COVID.

I helped underserved youth get engaged in communities through organized sport, exercise and assets for freedom.

I secured collectively $500,000 in product and financial donations for non profits.

I devoted over 400 hours of time over 2 years to bring bicycles to families impacted by natural disasters

I am a Non-Profit board member.

I coordinated getting hundreds of bikes donated as Holiday gifts to kids who were affected by the Sonoma County fires.

I led an international project focused on sustainable transportation in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.