Jeanette Perez
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Jeanette Perez

Flight Attendant, Nursing Assistant
Chicago, Illinois
Why I live For Purpose:
I live in alignment within my values and beliefs and sharing those with others allows me to live with authenticity and purpose. Give back and dedicating time and efforts to helping society is not only a choice but a right in my mind.

I donate to the Red Cross. I donate blood every 56 days.

I work for two companies who have started their own charities and contribute to their own local causes. Alaska Airlines will also match any employee charitable donation.

I use reusable water bottles, coffee mugs, and wine glasses instead of plastic.

I purchase items from companies who are waste-less, such as buying imperfect produce from local farmers and co-ops.

I use ride-share companies and public transportation.

I donate to Donate Life America.
In March 2016 I became a Living Kidney Donor.

I support friend’s charity races as a donor and also participate in races myself.

I run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon for Back on My Feet. They’re a running charity organization that’s fighting to combat homelessness in a number of cities.

I volunteer my time while on overnights at work, packing and delivering food to homeless through a volunteer matching service.

I hand out donations to the homeless, around the streets of Chicago. We provide them with basic essentials, food items, and gift cards to use at local food grocers.

I volunteer for a not-for-profit organization, the Valley Sheltered Workshop. They provide job opportunities to people with disabilities.