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Jake Jordan

Business Coach for Cause-Driven Orgs
Fort Worth, TX
Why I live For Purpose:
I live to equip and embolden the cause-driven. My goal is to help 1K 'for purpose' orgs reach $10M in revenue.

On April fools I sent notes of encouragement instead of trying to fool people!

Our company donated to presents for kids at Christmas that wouldn’t have any.

I shopped locally for 80% of my Christmas gifts this year.

I gave $250 to Hope Farms who help abandoned kids find families.

I mentored 3 startup business owners with business strategies for 2021.

I live by a “work myself out of a job” model. My goal is to equip and leave, not drain organizations for cash.

I offer low to no cost coaching and consulting for cause-driven startups.

I business coach and consult ‘for purpose’ organizations as my primary clients!

I recycle all my plastic, glass, and paper / cardboard.

I buy from local businesses and craftsmen whenever possible.