Jacob Harmon
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Jacob Harmon

Podcasts, Websites, Digital Marketing | JMH Media
Lyman, WY
Why I live For Purpose:
One of my biggest fears is not fulfilling my potential and not making a difference in this world. Even if it's small, I'm ready to make and impact!

Instead of replacing an item, I had it repaired.

I spent time working through a marketing plan for a nonprofit.

I support a new musician with $5 per month.

I’ve been working to improve efficiency and eliminate paper use in my full-time job.

I did a free podcast mentoring call.

Some of the websites I’ve built provide incredible life changing content, including For Purpose!

I switched my amazon purchases to Amazon Smile to support a cause that I care about.

I donate $30/month to a humanitarian organization that helps with food and essentials for people in need.

I’m volunteer 1-2 hours a week maintaining a website for a non-profit organization.

I volunteer my time for my local church as their membership clerk.