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Isaac Lekgothoane

The TOP Person Ambassador
Johannesburg, South Africa
Why I live For Purpose:
I want to make a difference by creating happy moments for others and uplift the community through youth development.

I volunteer at SkilledUp Life as the Social Media Manager. The goal is to assist Tech Startups in giving experience to jobseekers.

I assisted two friends in unlocking their LinkedIn messages and receiving notifications. It was a frustrating experience for them, so I was happy to help them.

I wrote a song for a leader in our community to thank him for his development efforts in the community.

I organised a one day campaign to clean the community as members of a youth group.

I taught a youth group how to make music instruments for their singing to enter and perform in a competition.

I assisted a close friend with advice to invest their money than join untrusted pyramid scheme with all their life savings.