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Irene Whalen

Independent Powur Consultant
San Diego, CA
Why I live For Purpose:
I want everyone to have the opportunity to pursue their potential by helping individuals get rid of financial and systemic barriers

I went on another House Build in Mexico with Baja Bound to build a house for a deserving family.

I donated to every charity my friends posted on Facebook.

I helped run a house build project in Mexico.

I set up a birthday fundraiser for the Foundation for Suicide Prevention and raised over $1,000.

I participated in the For Purpose event to consult for Chess in Slums, a non-profit helping children in Africa develop real life skills through the game of chess.

I work for a solar company dedicated to making renewable energy more accessible in hopes of setting future generations up for better success.

When we ran out of paper towels, I bought reusable Bamboo paper towels (for less than $8 on Amazon) and they’re working well!

Because I was weighing my trash, I was very conscious about what I put in the bag, and made the extra effort to recycle as much as possible.

I started weighing my trash to work on staying under the 2.5 lb per day average for most Americans.

I started a recurring donation to The Youth Center after a friend reached out and shared their mission.