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Ingrid Sangiwa

Freelancer, Volunteer, Writer
Tanzania, East Africa
Why I live For Purpose:
I want to make a bold statement of meaningful contribution to my Community, Country, and Larger World.

I began composting all my vegetables and fruits.

I support a small woman run business by buying vouchers for internet and phone use.

I attended a 6 day workshop held by the Youth Up “networking wing” and continue to mentor the Youth that are in need of encouragement and guidance.

I make a conscious decision to purchase local produce, products and goods.

I have revitalized my “LIFE LESSON NOTES” by offering a new accessible reading format.

I introduced several people towards exploring the options offered by online educational learning to improve their life.

I help my mentees at work see, seek, and step outside their “comfort zones” and believe in the best achievement for themselves.

I cook with fresh produce that I buy from the local market.

I consciously made a decision to buy locally made consumer and beauty products.

I continue as a mentor on the youth platform and am seeing the postive impact of my volunteer work from those youth who reach out and share and engage with me online.