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Chad Kojouri

Talent Agent, ICM Partners
Marina Del Rey, CA
Why I live For Purpose:
There are basic human needs that everyone has and, with all the wealth in the world, we have no excuse to sit back and let anyone go without.

I donated to Stand Up to Cancer.

I will always break up a six-pack container if I ever see one on the street.

I stopped eating octopus because they’re so intelligent.

I go through a bit of an arduous process to recycle my coffee pods, but it’s worth it!

We represent many documentary filmmakers that can use their voices to help incite change.

I donated to the LA chapter of Black Lives Matter.

I donated to The Geffen Playhouse to help provide underprivileged high school students with art classes.

I volunteered at an old person’s home and helped repaint it.

I bought Christmas presents for an underprivileged family and hand delivered the gifts to them.

I did a beach clean up.