Cameron Schmidt
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Cameron Schmidt

Adventurer; Clarity Consultant; Accountability Coach
Nomad in US
Why I live For Purpose:
I imagine a world where collaboration and helping are the norm, and try to live this way to show that it is possible

I gave a homeless man in Las Vegas a sports drink and listened to his stories.

I donated $20 to the Kiva Foundation through Phin For Good.

We donated materials and labor to redo a basketball court for a community center in a rough neighborhood in Chicago.

I carefully analyze all of my actions and work to live in alignment with my values as often as possible.

I work to understand the supply chain for products that I do buy, and how they reached my hands. If there are any parts don’t align with my values, I won’t support them.

I live a minimalist lifestyle, reusing the resources I already have rather than getting new things.

I try to support small local businesses when I can.

I have supported a friend’s marathon run.

I connected several friends that could benefit one another in a meeting.

I helped a friend who was moving to transfer their belongings.