Brian Ford

Brian Ford

Co-Founder of For Purpose; Host of Self Improvement Daily; Marketer at RecoverX
San Diego, CA
Why I live For Purpose:
I want to make a difference out of appreciation for the opportunities I've received in my life and am dedicated to providing that same platform for those who aren't as fortunate.

I organized an outreach strategy and messaging for a non-profit the Unified Human Foundation.

I helped a friend who is foster-caring two kids babysit for a few hours.

I signed up for “Spring” to contribute monthly to Charity Water.

I donated $11 to help get signatures for a movement to change Black History Month to June.

I bought a notebook that is made of repurposed paper on Decomposition.

I started working from home full-time, greatly reducing the amount I’m driving every day.

I asked to join the diversity and inclusion committee in the company. Wasnt accepted, but now I’m on the list for the best cohort!

I make time to reach out to and chat with a handful of high school / college aged kids who have good hearts and could use some guidance.

I bought a new book for my nephew where for every book purchased one is donated to a child in foster care. It’s called “Everyone is Someone” by Bob Dalton.

I tipped my Lyft Driver $20 so that he could take an hour off work and do something he enjoys.