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Brian Ford

Co-Founder of For Purpose; Host of Self Improvement Daily; Marketer at RecoverX
San Diego, CA
Why I live For Purpose:
I want to make a difference out of appreciation for the opportunities I've received in my life and am dedicated to providing that same platform for those who aren't as fortunate.

I donated $10 to Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue through Phin For Good!

I chose to hire someone who is experiencing mental challenges as part of an accident to support his transition.

I donated $50 to support a volunteer house-build trip my partner is going on.

I am being intentional about calling my significant other my “partner” to help normalize the term.

I donated $10 to Kiva through Phin For Good.

I gave a $20 tip to my Lyft Driver, who was an immigrant from Djibouti who has 8 kids and a great attitude.

I donated $200 to the Non-Profit “Because I Said I Would” and in exchange received an inspirational video from the founder Alex Sheen.

I went on Instagram live to help a friend promote their new book that was raising money for a school build in Cambodia.

I donated $100 to support a friend’s fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego.

I spent time responding to a 9 minute voice note to help a friend who had a bad day.