Bogdana Sardak
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Bogdana Sardak

Why I live For Purpose:
Dream Big. Live with Purpose. Inspire and Help Others.

I volunteer every Friday to distribute dinner to the elderly.

I serve and volunteer on the volunteering committee at my job.
I got to coordinate an all company volunteer event at a charity for children!

I use reusable water bottles if I have a choice!

I use cotton hand towels everyday to reduce paper towel use!

I buy from small businesses whenever possible!

I donated to multiple BLM GoFundMe pages and other groups.
I have donated my holiday gift to the charity of choice!

I donate clothes and toys to charities every year!

I volunteered with a Special Olympics group during my Undergraduate time.

I have volunteered to help serve meals to seniors in Chicago.

I took part in helping to rebuild homes in Louisiana after the 2016 floods.