Ashley Zugelter
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Ashley Zugelter

Masters Level Social Worker
Prairie Village, KS
Why I live For Purpose:
I want to advocate for the safe and permanent homes of children.

The organization I work for, serves 100% of children in the County that are Adjudicated because of abuse and/or neglect.

Our non-profit only serves our children and the CASA volunteers that advocate for them.

I work directly with CASA’s non-profit Advisory Board to enhance fundraising efforts.

I serve as the Program Director for an organization that advocates on behalf of abused and neglected children.

I also give back my spare time and salary to the organization.

I donate to the CASA Volunteer appreciation activities because they do so much to advocate for our children.

I donate to the local CASA program so that the children can participate in extracurricular activities.

I participate in a Christmas gift program for children in foster care, and purchase gifts on their wish lists.

I visit children in foster care.

I have advocated on behalf of abused and neglected children in the custody of the State (also known as foster care).