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Armando Quintana

Co-Founder of For Purpose; Editor at Addicted2Success
Miami, Fl
Why I live For Purpose:
I want to make a difference one person at a time by letting them know it's never to late to live the life you truly desire.

For Earth Day, I walked around my neighborhood picking up trash. I ended up filling up the 10 gallon bag with trash.

I spent hours reviewing submissions for a high school senior scholarship I sponsor.

I left a 50% tip at a restaurant because the waiter was absolutely amazing.

I have made it a point to pick up any piece of trash I see while walking.

I volunteered my time to help Tunde from Chess in Slums find ways to enhance his organization.

One of my friends needed help on deciding which job to take, so I sit down with him for 25 minutes to discuss the pro’s & con’s of each job. Afterwards, he was able to make a decision.

One of my coworkers was struggling with how to do an assignment, so I took the time to walk them through it & made sure they understood everything.

I spent 10 minutes today sending 5 voice notes via text to friends who have been having a hard time with one aspect or two in their lives.

Instead of using paper coffee cups, I started using reusable one’s.

This year, I started giving out another scholarship to a high school senior in my hometown.