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Armando Quintana

Co-Founder of For Purpose; Editor at Addicted2Success
Miami, Fl
Why I live For Purpose:
I want to make a difference one person at a time by letting them know it's never to late to live the life you truly desire.

I donated $10 to Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue though Phin for Good!

I picked up & organized on the sidewalk 4 Lime scooters that were in the street.

I made an effort to pick up every piece of trash I saw this past weekend while walking around my apartment, beach, and mall.

I tipped a pregnant waitress 50% of our total bill.

I donated $10 to the Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue through Phin For Good!

I listened to several people vent about their living situation. Afterwards, they told me they felt a lot better and appreciated having someone to listen to them.

I donated $10 to The Trevor Project through Phin for Good!

I supported a local, female run coffee shop instead of going to Starbucks for my breakfast and coffee.

I spent an hour listening to an older individual talk about his life. Afterwards, he thanked me because he said he was doesn’t have people to talk to and is lonely.

I spent 20 minutes listening to a previous work colleague vent about their job. After venting, they explained how they felt better because all I did was listen to them.