Amber Martinez

Amber Martinez

Medical Assistant at Planned Parenthood
Miami, FL
Why I live For Purpose:
Through compassion, action and education, I work to bridge disparity gaps found in health care and move towards a society of health equity.

I started recycling left over wine corks!

I purchased products from a wishlist to aid homeless individuals in Los Angeles.

I reached out to local community organizations and found a new volunteer opportunity!

I donated $23 to Save the Children.

I started my own at-home-composting and dropped off my first months collection at my local community garden.

I compost anything I can.

I work for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that offers healthcare resources and aid to those in need.

I use reusable bags for all my shopping.

I purchase soap refills instead of always buying new soap bottles.

I use reusable lunch utensils (water bottle, snack bags, utensils, etc) from sustainable companies.