Alexis Quiterio
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Alexis Quiterio

Co-Founder of For Purpose, Founder of Rediscover Stays
Scottsdale, AZ
Why I live For Purpose:
I strive to make a difference through every interaction I have with others on a daily basis, leaving them feel seen and heard, along with empowered in who they are.

I donated $50 to a friends’ Venmo challenge where he asked his followers to donate whatever amount they chose. He gifts all of those donations to a server in the hospitality industry because they’ve been heavily impacted during the pandemic and deserve it!

I got a coffee at a drive thru and paid for the person behind me.

I met several people in person this month to create a relationship and move the needle forward in working together- our skills create more impact together.

I chose to share a reflection on my social media to enhance my followers’ perspective to the raw and real truth that have been going on behind the scenes. I received feedback that it empowered some to live life more fearlessly and others to be more bold in their life choices.

I consciously map out my transportation to drive as little as possible and limit carbon emissions.

Every Amazon purchase I make through Amazon Smile gets donated to the National Park Foundation.

I gave a homeless man food at a stoplight (he was so happy and grateful!)

I gave my friend $50 on Venmo to support a family in need.

Although I didn’t have much time some days, I made the time to listen to friends and colleagues when they needed a soundboard.

I sent my friend $50 to support her sick friend.