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Alexis Quiterio

Co-Founder of For Purpose, Founder of Rediscover Stays
Scottsdale, AZ
Why I live For Purpose:
I strive to make a difference through every interaction I have with others on a daily basis, leaving them feel seen and heard, along with empowered in who they are.

I donated $10 to CityArt via Phin for Good to that supports youth around the world to realize their potential and empower, educate, and connect with others.

I stopped what I was doing to console a friend who needed to talk. By the end of the call she felt encouraged, a newfound sense of confidence, and clarity.

I donated $100 to my friend who started a GofundMe to raise money for her dogs’ emergency surgery. That dog is a huge part of her life!

I took the time to write a thoughtful email to a manager of a customer service rep that provided spectacular support to me over the phone.

I brought my sister to volunteer with me when she came to visit!

I volunteered 2 hours at St. Mary’s Food Bank twice this month.

I volunteered for 2 hours at St. Mary’s food bank.

I sent flowers to someone I just met because I appreciated their time. They said the flowers meant so much after a long week, which I knew nothing about.

I helped facilitate For Purpose’s Impact Workshop to help a nonprofit in Africa, Chess In Slums, strategize & enhance their incredible movement.

I took 30 minutes to write several Yelp reviews for small businesses about recent visits to spread the positive message about their service.