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Alexis Quiterio

Co-Founder of For Purpose, Founder of Rediscover Stays
Scottsdale, AZ
Why I live For Purpose:
I strive to make a difference through every interaction I have with others on a daily basis, leaving them feel seen and heard, along with empowered in who they are.

I always take the time to send mindful voice notes to others on their birthday. People always say it made their day.

I take the time to curate motivational content on For Purpose’s Instagram 💛

I invited others to join my family and I on the beach when they asked about a game we were playing. It was an awesome experience connecting with strangers so quickly and creating a memorable experience!

In environments I frequent in, I always write people’s name down in my phone after I meet them. This way, the next time I see them I call them by name. This helps them feel seen and heard and we’re able to connect faster.

I am committed to my daily morning routine, which empowers me to show up as my best self because the world deserves it.

I sent a book to someone I thought would benefit from it’s philosophies.

I went out of my way to support a friend and their business by running an errand for them and their Client.

I sent thoughtful messages to people who were on my mind, expressing gratitude and kindness of who they are.

I donated $10 to The Trevor Project through Phin For Good because I was inspired by our community member and grateful she broadened my perspective.

I went out of my way to congratulate a friend and celebrate her. She shared how much it meant to her, feeling seen, heard, and loved!