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Alena Eaton

Conservation, Caregiver, Independent Contractor
Why I live For Purpose:
I believe that small acts of kindness and caring are what make life good!

I helped my workplace choose more sustainable products to use.

I donated $10 to a nonprofit.

I gave sustainable gifts in recycled wrapping!

I picked up a family member from the airport.

While I do not work in my chosen field at the moment (conservation & sustainable development), my work as a caregiver allows me to improve the daily lives of others, spend time with family, and care for the land around me.

I compost my green waste.

I grow some of my own food and try to buy from local farmers.

I have committed to limiting single use plastics in my home.

I donate $10 a month to CRU in Hawaii.

I give away plants from my garden to the local community.