We are solving a GENERATIONAL problem.


Society has it all backwards. It’s not about how much you have to give, it’s what you do with what you have. Purpose is a lifestyle that anyone can live, and we are dedicated to changing the standard once and for all.


At For Purpose our mission is to make social impact more approachable. We want to set a new expectation so that everyone feels empowered to make a difference!


“Impactions” = Impact Actions. Big or small, they all count, and we want to highlight them!


Problem 1: There’s a belief that the only way someone can make an impact is by volunteering or donating money.


The truth is, there are so many different ways to make the world a better place. Just about everything you do is an opportunity to live and give in service of others!


In fact, at For Purpose we have identified 4 pillars of impact – Choices, Profession, Resources, and Time – and our community has provided many examples of how to be impactful within each!


Problem 2: People feel like what they have to offer is not enough to actually make a difference.


Wrong! The smallest of acts can ripple and create cascades of change. Seemingly small contributions can grow and compound an incredible amount.


When you take action within an aligned community, like we have at For Purpose, you can truly be a part of something bigger!


Problem 3: People are criticized that they’re “doing it for the wrong reasons”.


Oftentimes people are judged for being “self-promotional” and “insincere” when they talk about the ways they get involved in charity work. This is a shame because being more public about your impact is a great opportunity to advocate for causes you care about.


At For Purpose, we have created a 3rd party platform that shares the incredible things you do on your behalf, allowing that message to be communicated in a way that is more “appropriate” and well-received.


Problem 4: It’s overwhelming figuring out how to maximize your impact.


You’re not alone, it’s hard knowing how to get involved in a way that makes a significant difference. Especially since the world is facing so many problems.


At For Purpose you can connect with real people in the community doing real things in the world, as well as access curated resources so that you can be confident that your time, energy, and attention is being invested in the right places.


The summary: Many people feel like they’re not in a position to make a difference, and unfortunately, talking about social benefit isn’t always a comfortable conversation. At For Purpose we are changing that narrative and modernizing what it means to be a philanthropist.


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