Anyone can be a philanthropist

Anyone can be a philanthropist


From philo- “love" + anthropo- “mankind”

Philanthropy isn't reserved for people with millions of dollars to donate... It's for anyone with a "love for mankind". Why not you?
Share YOUR impact now to become an everyday philanthropist!
Kara ONeill

I give annual donations to St Jude Children’s Hospital.

Kari Pedersen

My company provides countless donations to various organizations.

Sarah Whipple

I volunteer at a regional health clinic for the medically needy once a year.

Hussain Lokhandwala

Currently I’m a student but I have plans to provide free education to others.

Alexis Quiterio

I chose to share a reflection on my social media to enhance my followers’ perspective to the raw and real truth that have been going on behind the scenes. I received feedback that it empowered some to live life more fearlessly and others to be more bold in their life choices.

Kavi Jarrott

I have volunteered for OzHarvest who rescue food to feed the homeless.

Ingrid Sangiwa

I cook with fresh produce that I buy from the local market.

Kennedy Oageng

I commit my time to learn more about environmental issues and align my actions towards being more sustainable.

Alexis Quiterio

I supported friends by attending their online Zoom calls, Clubhouse room, and IG Lives for their business and passions.

Michael Zepeda

I host live streams to raise money for non-profits, missionaries and musicians.

Matt Gottesman

I give a voice on my platforms to others’ impact businesses and brands.

Leo Galofre

I volunteered at my local surgical clinic during the busiest period of the virus global pandemic for 6 weeks.

Isaac Lekgothoane

I wrote a song for a leader in our community to thank him for his development efforts in the community.

Raquel Lambdin

I promoted and donated to a fundraiser my team hosted in honor of The Trevor Project. (

Kavi Jarrott

I often donate clothes to charities and womens shelters, sometimes directly to the families in need.

Kari Pedersen

I often purchase items from Thrive Causemetics whose proceeds go to various charities that help women thrive.

Isaac Lekgothoane

I taught a youth group how to make music instruments for their singing to enter and perform in a competition.

Seth King

In 2021, I decided to start a small scholarship with my old dance instructor to help teens in similar financial situations that I was growing up. This will allow them to have the same safe place and home that I did.

The 4 Pillars of Impact

You're probably already doing more than you realize! Anyone can make a difference in traditional and non-traditional ways.


– Conscious buying

– Environmental sustainability

– Cause Advocacy

Dan Evans
CTO at RecoverX
“I compost, recycle, and drive a scooter to be more sustainable.”


– Conscious Hiring

– Contribution business models

– Effort applied

Melissa Zhang
“I create equal opportunity initiatives at work.”


– Giving away goods

– Donating money

– Transferring education

Kiran Kumar
Founder of CrossBow Canada
“I helped raised $600 CAD for an Indian female empowerment movement.”


– Formal volunteerism

– Spending meaningful time

– Local community service

Mike Sherbakov
Founder of Greatness Collective
“I lead house build projects in Mexico.”

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