Modernizing what it means to be a philanthropist

Modernizing what it means to be a philanthropist

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Big or small, everyone has something meaningful to contribute. Our mission is to help people think differently about how to make a difference.
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Paloma Samano

I donated washable menstrual pads for the young girls at a group home.

Jacob Harmon

I donate $30/month to a humanitarian organization that helps with food and essentials for people in need.

Bryant Bautista

I shower every time I come home to minimise the risk of my parents catching Covid-19 from me.

Laura Athmejvar

Through Save The Children, I donate $30 a month for my “adopted” child in El Salvador.

Brandon Geiselhart

I donate my clothes to a thrift store.

Laura Athmejvar

I raised over $1500 for charity via Facebook fundraisers.

Travis Matthews

I worked with Habitat for Humanity.

John Piasta

I coordinated getting hundreds of bikes donated as Holiday gifts to kids who were affected by the Sonoma County fires.

Alexis Quiterio

I supported friends’ business endeavors by attending their webinar and then sharing their workshop with my social media audience.

Michael Zepeda

I support Tomorrow People Orphanage monthly.

Regien Medrano

I gave food to the homeless.

Michael Zepeda

I support local small businesses and bring my own tote bags.

Adam Lewin

Through FC Davis, we launched multiple programs that provide an opportunity for local area student-athletes to change their communities.

Nicholas Hutchison

I have spent a lot of time volunteering for my Church including teaching confirmation classes and packaging meals for a local homeless shelter.

Maret Marcin

I helped create For Purpose to give a platform for people to share the amazing ways they make an impact!

Joseph Rotondo

My family and I donated old jackets to a coat drive.

Kira Day

I do not eat at or support fast foods. I am very particular about brands at highly commercialized grocery stores.

Sarah Whipple

I donate food to local food banks.

The 4 Pillars of Impact

There are so many ways to get involved. The future of social impact is a spectrum where everyone contributes in traditional and non-traditional ways!


– Conscious buying

– Environmental sustainability

– Cause Advocacy

Dan Evans
CTO at RecoverX
“I compost, recycle, and drive a scooter to be more sustainable.”


– Conscious Hiring

– Contribution business models

– Effort applied

Melissa Zhang
“I create equal opportunity initiatives at work.”


– Giving away goods

– Donating money

– Transferring education

Kiran Kumar
Founder of CrossBow Canada
“I helped raised $600 CAD for an Indian female empowerment movement.”


– Formal volunteerism

– Spending meaningful time

– Local community service

Mike Sherbakov
Founder of Greatness Collective
“I lead house build projects in Mexico.”

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