Anyone can be a philanthropist

Anyone can be a philanthropist


From philo- “love" + anthropo- “mankind”

Philanthropy isn't reserved for people with millions of dollars to donate... It's for anyone with a "love for mankind". Why not you?
Share YOUR impact now to become an everyday philanthropist!
Kimberly McGraw

We have collected money in coins from schools to give to service projects needed in communities. Hundreds of thousands of dollars raised!

Jake Jordan

I live by a “work myself out of a job” model. My goal is to equip and leave, not drain organizations for cash.

Paloma Samano

I am a conscious consumer because I try my best to buy from local farmers and businesses.

Brandon Geiselhart

I avoid buying plastic when I can.

Kevin Christensen

I joined a national organization called Advisors in Philanthropy.

Kimberly McGraw

We have even included our newest member of the family MJ to find ways for her to assist with helping others. MJ is 6 months old & helping fill bags of food to give to others in need! Never to small to start!

Travis Matthews

I worked as a counselor at a deaf camp for 4 summers.

Falguni Katira

I regularly support the Art of Living foundation and Arpan around $10 a month.

Laura Athmejvar

I bought a meal and coffee for a man who asked for change on the street.

Brian Ford

I donated $25 to Black and Brown Founders, helping provide business coaching and resources for black and latinx entrepreneurs, through Phin For Good.

Sarah Whipple

I have planted a butterfly garden for the oncology office, which I maintain in my free time.

Pedro Mattos

We help thousands of individuals every year write, publish and launch their first books.

J.C. Pena Nunez

I help my friend Barry through his trials and tribulations.

Leslie Graciano

I don’t print paper unless I need to in order to save the trees.

Anna Asuncion

I donated $20 to Lonely Whale through Phin for Good. Let’s save the ocean!

Maret Marcin

Participated in Dance Marathon at UCLA, a 26-hour event to raise money for Pediatric HIV/AIDS.

Pradeep Prasanth

I donate 1000 Rs a month to a child care organisation called All The Children.

Adam Lewin

I donate food to our local food bank to help the homeless.

The 4 Pillars of Impact

You're probably already doing more than you realize! Anyone can make a difference in traditional and non-traditional ways.


– Conscious buying

– Environmental sustainability

– Cause Advocacy

Dan Evans
CTO at RecoverX
“I compost, recycle, and drive a scooter to be more sustainable.”


– Conscious Hiring

– Contribution business models

– Effort applied

Melissa Zhang
“I create equal opportunity initiatives at work.”


– Giving away goods

– Donating money

– Transferring education

Kiran Kumar
Founder of CrossBow Canada
“I helped raised $600 CAD for an Indian female empowerment movement.”


– Formal volunteerism

– Spending meaningful time

– Local community service

Mike Sherbakov
Founder of Greatness Collective
“I lead house build projects in Mexico.”

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