Anyone can be a philanthropist

Anyone can be a philanthropist


From philo- “love" + anthropo- “mankind”

Philanthropy isn't reserved for people with millions of dollars to donate... It's for anyone with a "love for mankind". Why not you?
Share YOUR impact now to become an everyday philanthropist!
Victoria Kline

I donate clothes to various charities.

Pedro Mattos

I donate to the Vitamin Angels organization every month.

Alena Eaton

I gave sustainable gifts in recycled wrapping!

Katie Bier

Once a month I visit a local nursing home with friends to say hello to the residents.

Chad Kojouri

I go through a bit of an arduous process to recycle my coffee pods, but it’s worth it!

Leslie Graciano

I work with the city and outside source to bring education and outreach to the community so they know about the resource they have available to them. 

Isaac Lekgothoane

I organised a one day campaign to clean the community as members of a youth group.

Kyle Eager

I helped a friend paint.

Alexis Quiterio

I sent flowers to someone I just met because I appreciated their time. They said the flowers meant so much after a long week, which I knew nothing about.

Case Kenny

I have donated clothing to Chicago area Goodwill.

Kari Pedersen

I rarely return items that don’t work for me. I donate them to the House of Peace instead, where they allow people in need to have them for free.

Ruben Ruiz

We just partnered with a brand ambassador, Maddie Andonie, to spread awareness of our mission!!

Jake Jordan

I buy sports apparel and donate it to local shelters for single moms.

Kara ONeill

I have spent time with former special needs students and clients that I have become close to during my personal time.

Armando Quintana

I listened to several people vent about their living situation. Afterwards, they told me they felt a lot better and appreciated having someone to listen to them.

Dan Golden

I attribute our recognition as AdAge’s #1 best place to work to our focus on conscious leadership.

Matt Gottesman

I implemented a giving business model and higher wage earning for my 5+ employees overseas for my agency, while also creating community and a flat organization for which we operate and grow together.

Kari Pedersen

I donated to the Chicago Ducky Derby which benefits the Special Olympics.

The 4 Pillars of Impact

You're probably already doing more than you realize! Anyone can make a difference in traditional and non-traditional ways.


– Conscious buying

– Environmental sustainability

– Cause Advocacy

Dan Evans
CTO at RecoverX
“I compost, recycle, and drive a scooter to be more sustainable.”


– Conscious Hiring

– Contribution business models

– Effort applied

Melissa Zhang
“I create equal opportunity initiatives at work.”


– Giving away goods

– Donating money

– Transferring education

Kiran Kumar
Founder of CrossBow Canada
“I helped raised $600 CAD for an Indian female empowerment movement.”


– Formal volunteerism

– Spending meaningful time

– Local community service

Mike Sherbakov
Founder of Greatness Collective
“I lead house build projects in Mexico.”

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